Inspiration | October 2

Last night my boyfriend and I started watching the Netflix Original Chef’s Table and were both so inspired. I can’t wait to watch the whole series – so many thoughts on passion, creativity, work ethic and motivation.

I’m really excited about the offerings of The Mindfulness Summit, there are so many important thinkers and inspiring people giving talks. Planning to sign up right after I finish writing this post!

Loved these 10 lessons learned from a year of productivity. His website looks like a treasure-trove of awesome information too, especially these 100 “hacks”. (Spoiler: productivity does not equal working so hard you burn out, his philosophy + the science indicate that it’s all about balance and working smarter.)

I really enjoyed and was inspired by two episodes of the Tim Ferriss podcast: one with Brené Brown and the other with Tara Brach.

Fellow Canadians: the election is coming! I love the CBC Vote Compass to see how your beliefs match with those of the parties. I also recently heard about the idea of strategic voting, and I find the idea fascinating (it sparked some great conversations in my family). Last thing: did you know that you can vote at any Elections Canada office at any time from now until the actual election day? That’s what I did before leaving for Ecuador. More info here.

Some wonderful ideas in this old (but new to me!) article from Brain Pickings.


So I live in Quito now! When I arrived on Tuesday and was reunited with my lovely aforementioned boyfriend, we both felt like zero time had passed. We are living in a beautiful apartment with a gobsmacking view (though to be fair there’s a beautiful view from almost everywhere in Quito) and are very happy.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! xo.

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