Inspiration: October 19

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Inspiration October 19 >> Life In Limbo

First of all, this is an extremely helpful eternal reminder for us all, c/o Glennon.

I started using this Airtable base to track my business revenue this week and am so in love. Also made by the lovely folks at Wandering Aimfully: this podcast episode about their marketing strategies was similarly excellent.

Relevant and helpful: this list of apps that you can use to make your Instagram stories look more beautiful!! Expect to see my faves make it into The Appothecary when I have a chance to test them out.

This week I ordered my first pair of THINX! I’m so excited for them to arrive, they look so beautifully-made and of course will be very helpful. If anyone wants a pair, I have this affiliate link that gives you $20 off!

Lol’d at the “Scary Time” song. So funny and good! Thanks for articulating what we have all been feeling.

Toronto friends: I’m excited to be hosting my first workshop at Nurture‘s new workshop space on November 4th! I’ll be teaching you all my tricks for a calmer, more manageable email inbox (and life). Tickets here!

This week on the podcast I am chatting with my lovely friend Ameema about how much we both love to read & why we feel that reading is so important and healing! I loved this conversation.

I’m in another busy season of work in my business, which means most of my evenings lately have been spent alternately going for walks, tweaking things on the computer and planning for the future. There is so much exciting stuff going on and the best part is: there is so much to look forward to over the next little while. It just keeps getting better and better! This week I did some reflection on just how packed these past four months have been, but all I can say in the end is how grateful I feel and how much I’m learning. It’s pretty rad! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends. xo.

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