Inspiration | October 17

Inspiration October 17 | Life in Limbo

This week I finished listening to the audio book “This is a Story of a Happy Marriage” by Ann Patchett and I absolutely loved the whole thing. But this story in particular about her grandmother was so touching and real that it made me cry while on an evening walk.

I like the idea of being the one who says “yes”. I also adore this idea about being a daymaker: “What if, maybe, we’re all wasting our time + spinning our wheels, agonizing over questions like: ‘What is the secret to happiness + success + wealth + greatness + impact + legacy + leadership + innovation + how can I fulfill my highest purpose, every day?’ When really, all we oughta be asking is: ‘How can I make someone’s day?”.

Joy the Baker’s new site is so pretty.

I was inspired this week by the idea of investing in your business in order to grow it. Strangely, this idea was inspired by two very different sources: this Medium piece on one woman’s experience as an escort (possibly NSFW) and from this podcast episode about wedding photography. Weird, I know.

This. “Then I realized my lofty ambitions were actually the problem. I needed smaller goals. Achievable ones. I didn’t need a grand vision, I needed a next step.”

As an expat researching the next place I might want to be an expat, this cost of living index is tremendously helpful.

Why it doesn’t matter how you feel about your friends. (Hint: because you have to show them how you feel).  This is such a powerful idea.

How to generate more good feelings by using positive language.

I’ve been loving the new fall capsule wardrobe over on Unfancy!


The end of another week is upon us! I don’t even know how to talk about the fact that it’s October 17th, so instead I’ll just say things have started looking up this week after a couple weeks of feeling a bit low. I feel crazy inspired to do and start a million things and new projects which is one of my favourite feelings. This weekend there’s a fun scavenger hunt all over Busan, and then on Sunday I’m hoping to do some work on some freelance projects and hit the spa. It should be a good one. Hope your weekend is wonderful too!

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