Inspiration | October 10

I’m an INFJ through and through, and I spent a lot of time reading the comments section on this post this week. The people writing could have been me! It was at the same time disconcerting and reassuring.

I laughed at this “sexually enlightened R&B song” from College Humor.

I swoon for this pumpkin bread.

Also in beautiful food this week was the book trailer for Amy Chaplin’s new cookbook. It’s gorgeous and now I want her book (and her life).

I adore this cover of Beyoncé’s XO by John Mayer.

One of my pipe dreams is to become a radio producer for a show like This American Life. I found their Make Radio page this week and totally love it.

I’m always inspired by photographer Olivia Rae James – she’s so talented and it seems like she has such a sweet life. I liked this interview with her.

A great slideshow of the world’s best waterfront cities. Some surprises on there, and a lot of inspiration.


I’m feeling grateful for the weekend today! On Saturday I’m going to a big lantern festival which should be beautiful, and on Sunday I plan to do nothing except relax and do some reading. I hope you have a gorgeous October weekend.

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