Inspiration: November 8

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Inspiration: November 8 >> Life In Limbo

Are you into human design? I’ve been interested in it for a while now, but did a bit of a deep dive this week when I found this blog and this Instagram account! I particularly liked this post on recovering from Generator burnout. No idea what I’m talking about? Learn more here.

I found this podcast episode about working retreats super interesting and I think it would be helpful for designing a “DIY” retreat for yourself, should you be so inclined!

I bought my first pair of Sheertex this week and while they are not as unbreakable as advertised (I got a toenail snag on my first wear that they very kindly replaced for me!!!) they are completely unrippable by human hands or feet pulling or stomping. This is a gamechanger!

This week I also started listening to Harry Potter and the Sacred Text for the first time! I’m a Harry Potter nerd, but I also just love their idea of treating *anything* as sacred and seeing what meaning and inspiration you can draw from it. Fascinating and so well produced.

This week over on my business blog, I’m tackling the thorny issue of imposter syndrome and sharing my five favourite reframes and ideas to lessen its pull on us. I also shared a quote pulled from it on Instagram which seems to be resonating with people!

This week’s blog posts: Welcome to the Weekend, Tricks of Time, What Feels Fun?, Setting the Tone, and Energy Doesn’t Lie.

How did your week treat you? I spent much of mine dealing with the joys of being self-employed, aka figuring out how to charge HST. I also started getting up an hour earlier thanks to the nudge of DST and it’s been working out really well so far! I love having quiet, uninterrupted time before I need to get to work. I also launched my very first retreat! So that was fun, and scary and exciting. This weekend I have plans to take a dog walk with a friend, run a bunch of errands, and have dinner with another friend. And a bunch of resting too, since next week we’ll be off to Nurture. Which reminds me: no newsletter next week! Until next time, have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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