Inspiration: November 4

Inspiration Nov 4 >> Life In Limbo

Leaving books places is the coolest idea ever.

Marie Forleo is always blending business with spirituality and reminding us of important things, like that we’re never too good to get a day job.

I inhaled Love Warrior this week – so very good. If you’re not familiar with Glennon’s work (which I wasn’t until earlier this summer!), read this (kind of??) spoilersy post she wrote on her blog.

Anyone else kind of swooning a little over Google’s new phone? I never thought I’d switch from iPhone but…you never know.

Also technology-related: I feel like I need this posture trainer in my life!!

Such an amazing house tour! Joy is living her best life.

I became fully obsessed with the My Favorite Murder podcast this week. It sounds awful. It’s not. If you’re fascinated by true crime, get into it! They’re funny, and know what they’re talking about when it comes to racism and sexism – I feel like we’d be friends IRL but I’m sure everyone thinks that.

This week was a doozy work-wise, but still very enjoyable in a lot of ways. I did some good reading, watched West of Memphisfinally solved a big weird tech thing for a client, went on a coworking date to the cutest café (Rooster on King, for any of my Toronto friends!), went for lots of walks to look at the leaves, was very productive at the library and got enough sleep. Life is pretty good around here. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo.

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