Inspiration | November 27

I listened to the latest episode of the Lively Show about enneagrams and was totally blown away. I had never heard of this personality test, but it’s extremely powerful – I nearly cried when they shared the healing attitudes of my personality type on the show because they rang so true. I’ve since read more about my type and find the knowledge incredible helpful and motivating. You can listen to the episode here and take a mini version of the enneagram type test here.

Brené Brown is starting an interview series on her new project Courage Works, and her very first guest was Oprah. It was so refreshing to hear Oprah’s real responses to tough, personal questions. Really inspiring.

A really beautiful idea for a simple, meaningful advent calendar focused on experiences more than things (or chocolate).

Podcasts I’ve been really enjoying and learning from this week: The One You Feed, The Everybranch Podcast, and The Chalene Show.

I’m not much for Dancing With The Stars usually, but I really liked this special routine Bindi Irwin did in tribute to her dad.

I got super into automation apps this week after listening to this episode of Elise Gets Crafty. That meant I downloaded (and am quickly falling in love with) Hazel for Mac, set up a few recipes on IFTT, and downloaded and am obsessed with the ease and usefulness of the Do Note app.

On the podcast this week, Laura and I are talking a bit more about my experience doing a 10 day juice detox.


This week went by so quickly. It had some ups and downs – the ups being dancing in the living room with my boyfriend, talking to my mom on her birthday, and reading really great books; the downs being worrying about my visa for coming back to Ecuador, and wanting to find some more community here in Quito. Overall, I had a great week full of growth and inspiration, and I’m trying to develop positive habits like reading first thing in the morning (instead of Instagram), logging out of my Facebook profile to make it harder to just click over to it throughout the day, and going for a walk by myself every morning. This weekend I’m looking forward to yoga in the park, working on some exciting new projects, and taking some new online courses. I hope you have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration | November 27”

  1. You are wonderful! Thank you for sharing the things that inspire you with us!

    So, I did the enneagram sample personality test and it blew my mind! Honestly, I found this test to be the most accurate personality test I have taken. It bought up so many things in me that are SO true and quite unconscious too. And I’m talking about the dark stuff here; the shades of my personality that made me think “Geez…I DO do that. That is kind of messed up. I should look into that more.” It was refreshing but also kind of stirring to have aspects of myself that have been for the most part unconscious, brought to light. With more awareness, I can move forward with my personal growth. I see the patterns that serve me, and those that do not.

    I scored highest on the individualist, by the way. How about yourself?

    Steph, I don’t really keep up with blogs. I’m not sure why, because I do love writing on my blog, and I love the concept of blogs. But yours is one that I have enjoyed from the very beginning that I found it. There is something so special about it. I genuinely wish you the best, and it would be so lovely if we could be friends and meet one day :)

    1. Hi Malavika!! Thanks for your comment, it was an awesome one. :) Made me smile to read about your experience with the enneagram because mine was the same – freaky right?! I totally found it to be kind of uncomfortable to see and recognize where I can improve and what kinds of tendencies I have. I’m an individualist too, #4! I knew from the second they started describing it on the podcast, without even taking the test, but the test only confirmed it. I shared it with my boyfriend who was fascinated too, and we had a really great conversation about the whole system and laughed at our weird little things being explained.

      I’m so glad you found it helpful too. This is why I love writing these posts!!

      And thanks for your words about my blog, I appreciate it so much. I’ve been so glad to connect with you on the internet over the years and I totally agree that we should be friends. I hope we can meet up one day when we’re both in the same city (travellers both, so I’m sure it will happen!) and get to know each other better. Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comments. :)

      1. Wow, we are both 4s? That is so strange! I almost feel like we know each other and understand a little bit more now! And also Angelina Jolie, because she’s a 4 too ;)

        Isn’t it strange to think that I don’t know any of the basic things about you (The kind of stuff you would tell a new friend you meet – like where you grew up, or the names of your siblings, or your favourite fruit) but now, (assuming the number 4 description was accurate for you), I do know something more about your character, your inner desires and patterns. And you for me too. I don’t think I articulated that very well but, if you did understand what I attempted to express then….that’s pretty wild!

        My husband and I also talked through our results together and it was very enlightening. I’m glad we both have someone to share that with!

        What are your plans for Ecuador? Is this a major long-term move for you? Or, where next? I am leaving Ireland in May, after 6 long years here for my studies! I’m returning to Canada, and finally moving in with my husband in Ontario :)

        We are so lucky, you and I, to be able to call the world our home!


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