Inspiration: November 23

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Inspiration: November 23 >> Life In Limbo

The most inspiring thing I experienced this week was the retreat I was a part of last weekend, Nurture. Huge shout outs to Sonja, Kathryn of Golden Age Botanicals, Mel of Sunday’s Company, Jo of La Jo Lee and Jodianne from The E Project for making the weekend so incredible.

I’ve been trying to practice these strategies for sitting up straighter in any chair and they really feel like game changers – like, how did I not know these things before?!

My favourite customer relationship management software just released their scheduler functionality, and the entire community went bananas! I truly love Dubsado & would recommend to anyone with a creative business. This is my affiliate link if you want to save some money!

After a particularly infuriating experience dealing with a man in a professional context last week (truly awful), I appreciated the satire in this ‘how-to’ article about being less threatening as a woman.

I LOVE the idea of Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving Reader, which I only found out about this week! Will definitely save this to use at a future Thanksgiving.

I lost track of how many times I teared up on the streetcar listening to this absolutely brilliant interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. Her life, her wisdom, her kindness, her grief. All I can say is, “oh, the humanity.” It’s beautiful and raw and wonderful.

If I was going to stop bullet journaling (which I probably won’t), I would succumb to the true beauty and thoughtfulness of the Monk Manual. Also an excellent example of how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign.

This week I had a narrative healing session with my wonderful friend Braden, and it was very powerful and very inspiring. He is about to move to Mexico to work on writing his book, but I would watch this space in case he opens up more such sessions. He is very wise.

Also inspired this week by my new rubber plant, in the world’s cutest pot. I get happier every time I look at it. Consider this your permission slip to go buy a new plant for your home.

So many inspiring things to be a part of this week, but the flip side has been spending a lot of time alone to recover from all the activity. I’ve been exhausted and kind of run down, and the VERY cold weather we’ve been having here in Toronto lately has not been helping at all! I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, reading fiction, writing in my journal, and playing with the dog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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