Inspiration: November 17

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Inspiration November 17 >> Life In Limbo

The case for practicing radical honesty and transparency in business and our personal lives, with lots of examples from the corporate culture at Netflix. My friend Sonja shared this with me, and we’ve agreed to start playing Stop-Start-Continue. Stay tuned…

I put every single book on this list onto my to-read list. The ladies at The What read voraciously (a lot more than me) and have impeccable taste in books. Can’t wait for their top 25 non-fiction picks next week.

Reminder: the world is a little bit crazy, but we can do good, hard things. We can be kind to one another. We can smile, hold the door, and take a deep breath while waiting in line. See also: my favourite thing of all time (that I think about almost every single day), This is Water. I just re-watched it and bawled, as I always do.

Who wants to try this brunch timing trick with me?! So fun, so whimsical, so practical.

I have been struggling with this idea so much recently, so reading this post was a breath of fresh air: “Here’s what I’ve learned is the key mental habit of simplicity: noticing the mind’s tendency to want more, and don’t believe it.” Gotta love a shoutout to Byron Katie, too.

I really liked this “gift guide” post because it de-emphasizes buying stuff for the sake of stuff. I’m trying to be more mindful about gift-giving this year, and I like the idea of focusing on things like delicious food, good experiences, and memory-keeping.

I’ve been trying to remember lately that writing and walking are my very best tools for thinking and processing my emotions. I liked this simple post about how to keep a journal for personal development – it reminded me of ways I can “think out loud” the next time I have a decision to make. His reading list also looks good, although it’s 99% male authors.

A nice reminder that you never can really know what impact your work might have on someone else. You just have to keep showing up and doing the work, having faith that it will land with the right people.

I had a mysterious stomach ache for most of this week, which definitely put a damper on my energy! Even still, I had a great week talking philanthropy at Tuesdays Together, taking photos, writing blog posts, getting cozy with some friends. I’m happy it’s the weekend though! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: November 17”

  1. So many interesting link! Loved the journaling and the zen habits articles and Glennon Doyle’s post. And rewatching This Is Water is always a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

    PS My phone won’t let me comment for some reason, but I am reading and loving the daily posts! I felt bad for not commenting since my pledge on doing so on posts I appreciate – I certainly do!

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