Inspiration: May 26

Inspiration May 26 >> Life In Limbo

I love this comic for so clearly and explicitly explaining something that is so difficult to articulate or put into words, but so important and relates to such a prevalent issue. Send it to someone the next time they tell you, “You should have asked for help!”

Austin Kleon created another list of awesome advice for recent graduates (or anyone in transition). His original list is linked in the post, if you’re curious.

For anyone struggling with relationships or dating, I find this blog to be super helpful in giving you a real, helpful smackdown about raising your standards and respecting your own boundaries.

I went to Creative Mornings again this month with my friends and had a great time. The Toronto event this month was held on the old floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange, which was such a neat experience! I love starting my day off with a hit of inspiration.

I haven’t watched this yet, but I’m so excited to see this interview between Marie Forleo and Mark Manson – I find both of them super inspiring.

It’s been a blur of a week! In fact, the last few all have. I’ve been keeping very busy both with work and friends and trying new things. I’m so in love with the life I’m creating here in Toronto and though there have been a few rough patches lately – challenges, I’ll call them – I have this lovely feeling of progress and unfolding. This weekend I want to take it nice and easy and enjoy some relaxation. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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