Lately | March

Currently March 5

Staring at my bags, packed in the corner of my otherwise empty room.

Flying to Korea tomorrow.

Amazed at all the synchronicity I’ve experienced as this big move came together. 

Content that I’ve been able to say my goodbyes-for-now to almost all of my loved ones. 

Giggling (still) over how gosh-darn cute these Korean flag cupcakes I made turned out. 

Designing a website & logo for a new venture I’m really excited about.

Drinking a lot of chocolate almond milk and white wine.

Eating a batch of these amazing cookies, one by one. 

Loving the fact that it’s still light out around 6PM nowadays.

Turning pro (slowly but surely) after reading the awesome book.

Editing interesting videos for the Red Tent Sisters

Discovering new podcasts I can fall in love with – the comments section in this article helped! 

Nervous about starting to teach children on Monday.

Staying positive. 

Grateful for all the love and supportive words I’ve gotten from everyone around me about my move to Korea. 

Resolving to get back to my yoga practice + start taking more photos again. 

Filling notebooks with ideas and quotes. 

Planning to watch all this year’s Oscar-nominated movies…of course, now that the Oscars are over, right?

Happy to be escaping the frigid temperatures and snow to go to a warmer climate. 

Excited/disbelieving/overwhelmed by the fact that in a few days I will be living in Korea. 

Feeling BLESSED. It’s a wild and wonderful life.