Inspiration | March 27

Inspiration March 27 >> Life In Limbo

One day, I’ll take this road trip. Bucket list!

Technology is making us all flaky and that’s not great. The text message examples they show are way too recognizable.

Some words all girls should practice saying: “Stop interrupting me.” ,“I just said that.”,“No explanation needed.”

As I’m gearing up for my next big trip, I liked a lot of this contrarian travel advice. Some parts I didn’t agree with, but overall he has the right idea.

How good do these “Middle Eastern nachos” look?!?!

An Instagram account with pretty pictures of books I want to read: yes.

I thought this story about Bro Orange was absolutely absurd and hilarious.

From me: I’m almost finished my time in Korea, so I finished the last of my seasonal videos. If you’re interested in what life in Busan looked like this winter and spring, check it out here!


I’ve been feeling really gross this week – some (awful) combination of yellow dust, stress, and for the past couple of days what felt like the flu. Thankfully, I’m on the mend because I leave Korea on Wednesday! Even though I’ve been looking forward to my trip and planning everything for months now, it still feels like it crept up on me somehow. But everything has been given away or packed up, and it’s time to go. I’ll be travelling through Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia before doing my yoga teacher training in northern India. I get home to Canada late July. I’m excited for all of it, but of course nervous too. Great safe adventure #2! Here we go.

Have a wonderful weekend!