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Inspiration March 13 >> Life In Limbo

I loved this list of what Goodreads staff are currently reading.

Rule of thumb: if I cried at it, it’s going in the inspiration post for the week. This story (and pictures) got me.

This app donates to charity with every mile you run! Amazing.

Listening to a lot of this, this and this.

I liked this minimalist packing list.

This post is making me so excited for my upcoming trip to Thailand (including Koh Tao!).

Some excellent ideas on this list of things every travel girl needs, and styled beautifully.

If I was in nest mode right now instead of “throw away all your stuff and travel” mode, I would be making my own version of this gorgeous weaving first.

I’ve been pinning some pretty things lately.


Well, things are ramping up around here. I have long to-do lists, boxes and bags half-packed, and an apartment getting emptier every day. I’m getting addicted to throwing things away and excited about sorting things into piles. In short: I’m starting to feel ready to travel! The big news from this week is that my sister decided to come to Thailand with me, which is making an already-exciting trip that much better. :)

For anyone kind enough to follow along in this space regularly, I want to let you know that from now on, posting will be a little more intermittent than it has been this past year. I won’t be posting regularly on Monday/Wednesday/Friday while I’m travelling, though I hope to post about once a week from the road. I will be trying to update Instagram pretty often so you can follow me there @lifeinlimboblog if you’re interested. Thank you so much for staying with me as this blog evolves, I truly appreciate it. Have an awesome weekend!

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