Inspiration: June 14

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Inspiration: June 14 >> Life In Limbo

This week I went to see Booksmart and it was so, so funny! Yes please to more movies that cast smart, interesting women in the lead roles and highlight strong friendships. I would watch this again immediately.

I also watched Always Be My Maybe (accidentally 1.5 times) and really enjoyed it. Yes please to more movies that cast people of colour in the lead roles and highlight other cultures. So good.

My sister and I went to see Dear Evan Hansen on the weekend as our belated birthday gift from our mom, and it was such a fun and special day. Going to musicals is my love language, I think.

This is an interesting tool that’ll show you lots of alternative platforms for whatever service you’re looking for. Very lightweight but very helpful for basic research.

Played some catch-up on my Super Soul Sunday listening this week and really liked this interview with Father Richard Rohr.

This week I gratefully referenced Captain Awkward looking for support with something a friend was struggling with, so here’s your periodic reminder that Captain Awkward is a wonderful resource for how to live life. (Also in this category: Ask PollyTiny Beautiful Things).

In case you missed it, I’m blogging every weekday now! This week’s posts: On Meditating, Let Your Why Decide, Let There Be Endings, Strategy of Pairing.

Most of my inspiration this week took place offline! It was the last group session of my group program on Tuesday, which was special and bittersweet. I also had a great friend date that involved black-and-white milkshakes and fries. And I also had a super great picnic with the best view. Summer is here! It’s the best. I will be outside if you need me! I hope you have a wonderful weekend xo.

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