Inspiration | June 13


I bought these summery shorts in black this week and I love them.

This colourful garden wall is so rad.

So what if I already have 5 striped shirts? This tutorial makes me want to knit another, stat.

I loved these thoughts from Elizabeth Gilbert about honing one’s craft: I’m not trying to ignite a revolution every time I sit down at my desk; I just want to pursue excellence.”

Last week was a bit rough in terms of some of my relationships, and this article offered some solid advice on what to do when people disappoint you.

Earlier this week when I was feeling rocky, I did this online tarot card reading and this quiz, What Emotion Are You Guided By? Both felt spot on – the tarot reading very accurately reflected my topsy-turvy mood, and it turns out I am guided by Hope. That was a nice reminder midway through a crazy week.

I would love to get my hands on one of these portobello bahn mi’s, some of this coconut and pistachio vegan ice cream and a few beer-battered onion rings.

An Instagram account I’ve been loving lately: pretty and healthy food photos from @mille1000x.


I was understandably less inspired this week since I was more upset and panicked. I have great news, though: I had a job interview today and was offered the position! The job would let me stay in my neighbourhood, is open to a contract only until the end of when I’d originally planned to stay in Korea, for the same salary and similar hours. The only big downside is that they offer fewer vacation days than most schools, meaning I might not be able to take some of the bigger trips I’d planned to take with my friends. However, considering that I’m planning to travel after my time here in Korea, I’m trying to remember that the vacation days are not as big of a consideration as the location and the salary. Those two factors will make up most of my quality of life here in Korea and they’re both exactly what I’d hoped. Nothing is signed yet but I’ve accepted, and touch wood it all works out. As my mom wrote to me this morning: “It all works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end.”

And so with that, the week of uncertainty and stress has wrapped itself up. It was scary and unsettling, but it seems to have worked out, just like everyone told me it would. Barring anything going wrong, that is – I don’t want to witch it! Overall, perfect timing for me to enjoy my weekend away in Seoul with my friends, dancing all night to M.I.A. and sightseeing all day. Cheers!

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