Inspiration: January 5

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Inspiration: January 5 >> Life In Limbo

It was so fun to see Barack Obama’s list of favourite books and music from 2017. Nobody is cooler than him. (Except Michelle.)

I read this Twitter exchange and immediately started crying – it’s that powerful. Such a great example of what happens when we choose love, compassion, understanding rather than hate, anger or judgment.

Every year I watch Google’s Year in Search and every year I sob. 2017 was a hard year and the video doesn’t shy away from that: it’s life, it’s raw, it’s everything. Watching these makes me feel so deeply human.

How delighted was I to discover a super-cool website called Girls Night In which celebrates staying home?! And which also has a book club? With a chapter here in Toronto?!? Let me count the ways…

While I probably won’t be tackling a year of no shopping, I did find this piece inspiring and refreshing. I also love Ann Patchett, so reading anything she writes is a joy.

A very sweet personal documentary about moving far away from your family and staying connected to them. It’s also a beautiful portrait of New York.

Austin Kleon’s super-short guide on how to be happy. My personal list would probably look pretty similar.

I love the idea of having a social media detox, or as I recently saw it called, a Dry-Fi month. So this article was a great reminder that we can delete any app we want from our phone and in doing so, help ourselves make better daily decisions.

Yay! Feels so good to be back here sharing the things I love. My holiday break was so relaxing and rejuvenating and the first week back at work has been surprisingly calm. That’s a good thing, because I’ve been fighting a gross cold all week (not to mention the bone-chilling weather). I’m hoping that one more good night’s sleep will help me kick it! I’ll be back on the blog soon to share my word of the year for 2018 and some goals & intentions for the new year. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: January 5”

  1. Hey Stephanie – awesome links! Obama (enough said)! The digital detox articles + other posts on that website were ah-mazing and thank you for reminding me to watch Google’s Year in Search. I had already read Austin Kleon’s post, but it’s always a good re-read.
    Have a nice weekend!

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