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Inspiration January 23 >> Life In Limbo

I knew about Lululemon’s Give Presence holiday campaign but I didn’t see their sweet video until this week.

I absolutely adore these Word of the Year graphic prints. If I was going to have a fixed address at any point this year I would order one saying my word for 2015 but as it is, it would just be another thing to ship home in two months. They’re gorgeous though.

This month I donated to Book Aid International and Grace in the Philippines (via Kiva). I also joined a really awesome new giving program that’s still in beta but I’ll be sure to talk about it once it’s no longer a secret! You can see all the organizations I support here.

9 ways to add more adventure to your weekday.

How beautiful is this idea and print?

Planning to make this kimchi pancake and this French onion soup pasta next week!

I signed this petition to make conversion “therapy” illegal – you can learn more about it here.

Girls is back! That is all.


Oy, another hectic week. Luckily I’m back to my preferred afternoon schedule next week so I’ll hopefully feel a bit more rested and less rushed. This weekend I have a consultation about LASIK eye surgery (!!) and plans to meet up with friends. I’m looking forward to both relaxing and working. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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