Inspiration: February 3

Inspiration: February 3 >> Life In Limbo

Anyone else feel like they’re losing their minds this week? Same. This might help. (A little.)

If you want to say thank you, don’t say sorry.

These are such great ideas for getting your mornings closer to where you want them to be.

I rediscovered the blog Smart, Pretty & Awkward this week – I used to subscribe but stopped somewhere along the way. She always has lots of great tips!

Yesterday I needed to let my brain relax a bit so I tried my hand at painting a triangle painting like the one in this post and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I found out about AdoreMe this week – you get to take a style quiz and then look at pretty things so I’m a fan so far.

This week got away from me a little bit. When I looked up, it was Thursday night, and I’m still feeling a bit off this week like last week. Things are weird in the world right now and I’ve spent way too much time watching Youtube videos and TV and reading scary articles and getting drained by it all. One of my intentions for this year was to unplug often and I’d like to remind myself to revisit that in the days to come.

This weekend my book club is meeting, which is fun! We read The Happiness Equation this month, which had some interesting concepts that should be cool to discuss as a group. I will also be trying my damnedest to get off of Facebook, Instagram, and the internet as a whole. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!


4 thoughts on “Inspiration: February 3”

  1. So many great articles and ideas. I am so guilty of saying sorry too much and I think I’ll be trying out some kind on simple painting expecially since I’m doing a digital detox, no social networks at all and very limited browsing – only when I actually need information. I do allow myself to check a few blogs though (one of them is this :) ) Good luck with your limited internet time, I am feeling way better, happier and more productive.

    1. Ooh a digital detox sounds so lovely!! I think I might need to commit to an official one myself. I’ve been trying to cut back but in reality not much has changed. I actually just did some more simple painting this morning with watercolours! So soothing. Highly recommend :D

      1. What I found is that if I try and cut back, I’ll sometimes give myself permission to watch a video, for example, based on intention and why I want to watch it specifically etc (which is fine!), but from there it frequently spirals into something like “well, now I’ve seen this, I might as well watch just another one” and then I feel I failed at cutting back so there’s really no point in stopping now, is there? I’ve read this is called the What the hell effect, as in “what the hell, if I ve eaten a pizza, why not also eat ice cream at this point?”. Sarah Von Bargen has a few interesting articles on this. So yes I’d say that committing to no social networks at all for a week or ten days is much better, for me at least. There is non “urgence”, and I think that when I will go back, since I won’t be able to catch up on everything, I’ll go and look for the interesting people and posts and groups, in a much more proactive way.

        Ahem I do have one more thought. So, I’ve noticed a tendecy to pick up my phone when I’m feeling uncomfortable (maybe just bored or maybe something’s not going as planned) and instead of focusing on it right away I procrastinate. And the fact that I know for sure that there will be a new instagram post or a new tweet with an interesting article makes me give myself “permission” to check, kind of automatically. Not cool.

        I hope there’s something in this looong comment that in a little bit useful. Thanks for your attention if you read the whole thing. :)

        Watercolouring! I haven’t use watercolours in ages. Definitely will do asap. Thanks!

        1. Absolutely! I’ve read about that before as well, and it can be a struggle for sure. I am a moderator though (this is a Gretchen Rubin framework) and the idea of setting a rule not to do something at all makes me feel panicky and I have much less success! So for me, it’s better to be more mindful. I download the app Forest this week, which helps you stay of social media/your phone in general for stretches of time – it’s very cool! Good luck with your resolution, this stuff can be tricky.

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