Inspiration: February 10

Inspiration: February 10 >> Life In Limbo

If you ignore both the obnoxious title of this post and its NSFW cover photo, it actually contains some excellent advice about relationships and finding “The One”.

Damn, I love Austin Kleon. Here he is with some thoughts on the lifelong, daily, creative journey and why you should do something small, every day.

I’ve had several in-depth conversations about money with different friends over the past couple of weeks and am still enjoying reading the posts in this money & happiness Facebook group. Such a juicy topic! I was also a huge fan of this article about money questions to ask your partner – and I’d encourage you to ask these questions to yourself, too, whether or not you have a partner right now.

Also worth considering: how do YOU define success, when you peel away all the layers of external “shoulds” and “musts”? “What could be more successful than carving out a life for yourself that allows you to live your values daily?”

In case you need some scientific research to motivate you to get outside more often.

I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that they must listen to Twice Removed – it is crazy good and so fascinating. Big ups to Katie for the rec! Go listen!

Made my fave frittata recipe for a potluck last weekend and it was a hit.

I have been using (and loving) Inbox for Gmail on my phone this week. I am especially fond of the “Snooze” feature for telling emails to come back later.

Also a fan of Noisli! I forgot about it until earlier this week but I find the rustling leaves + waves sound combo very relaxing. Especially in the winter when the outdoors feels way less appealing.

I feel like I’m slowly regaining my balance after the past couple weeks of stress and anxiety. Small wins in this department: art before breakfast one day, a long walk in the sunshine, a visit home to see my mom and puppy, starting a new book, a visit to the dollar store (very easy, cheap way to feel rich & abundant). There were still long days with too much screen time and a brain that just won’t quit, but small wins are still wins.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. As always, great links Stephanie! I really enjoyed the first article. I have a girlfriend who recently got her heart broken by a guy and I’m hoping she can see how much she deserves to be loved by the person she loves. It was a great share and talking point for us.

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