Inspiration | February 28


Lately I’ve been really inspired by things on the internet, and I want to start sharing things I find inspiring, enlightening and thought-provoking. I’ll be posting my favourites from the web every Friday here on the blog!  


I have recently fallen in love with the website Clementine Daily. So much good stuff on there, including their answer to a girl’s question about figuring out what to do with her life. 

I found it fascinating to find out my love language: mine are Quality Time and Physical Touch. 

Marie Forleo is one of my heroes, and I found it totally inspiring to watch all the video submissions of the people who won scholarships to her B-School program. So many wonderful business ideas! 

This story about your dreams changing over time was really enlightening. Great perspective. 

I read this article on simultaneous historical events that seem unlikely out loud to my family and we were all totally baffled. 

A manifesto on doing creative work you love. Yes. 

My new motto

I started Bullet Journalling this week and I *adore* it. I had to watch the video like four times, but the process is actually very simple and helpful. 

A beautiful, new-to-me Instagram account: Mornings Like These


Have a lovely weekend! 

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