Vancouver, BC


I really and truly fell in love with Vancouver during my weeklong trip there. I went because I'd never been and because I wanted to visit my friends and because I was sick of winter in the greater Toronto area and because I wanted to see beautiful things. I went because I could afford to and because I wanted to. It was an awesome choice.

I couldn't get over how gorgeous the scenery was surrounding Vancouver. I kept feeling like I was on an exotic vacation getaway and then remembering that this was just home for the people of Vancouver. Having never lived in a city surrounded by so much beautiful nature, that was an incredible realization. I loved waking up and seeing all that water and all that sky out the window. I loved walking around downtown and getting glimpses of mountains from between two apartment buildings. I loved that you could turn off a main road onto a path and suddenly be surrounded on all sides by enormous towering trees covered with moss and silence.

Plus, can we talk about the fact that I didn't have to wear a winter jacket in February? That in itself should be mentioned. Sure, it wasn't always warm – though there were a few days when I sat outside in the sunshine without being uncomfortable – but it wasn't really cold either. And while it did rain a few days I was there, I still saw plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

I felt very comfortable in Vancouver. I was lucky enough to experience many different situations while I was there (including a swanky dinner event, a cool launch party, and a night at a lodge in Whistler) but universally felt right at home because the atmosphere was always welcoming and low-maintenance. I remember going out for a late dinner at what I thought was a casual pizza place with a friend of mine. When I realized it was a pretty fancy bistro-type place, I was a bit embarrassed by my jeans and quarter-zip athletic sweater…that is until I spotted about three other locals there in similar outfits! I felt like I connected well with the vibe of Vancouver.

It's a gorgeous, vibrant city, and one that I am really looking forward to spending more time in.

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