Inspiration: February 24

Inspiration: February 24 >> Life In Limbo

I went to my first Creative Mornings event today and it was so great! If you have a local chapter I would highly recommend checking it out. Great energy, a great talk and a lot of fun to do something productive that early in the morning.

Finally started listening to Call Your Girlfriend with my own Long Distance Bestie (hi girl!) and it literally feels like listening to my own conversations with her. If you like politics, feminism, friendship, and all things that are good and funny, listen.

In case you somehow missed it: NASA has discovered planets that could support life!!

Revisiting this piece about how to read more because I need to be reminded!

Full disclosure: I have not yet made the time to watch this TED playlist for physical and emotional self-care but I like knowing it’s there when I’m ready.

I also liked this list of responsible and ethical brands – both global and Canadian which might make it easier for me to make good choices.

Also if you’ve never listened to the No Coincidence, No Story episode of TAL, you can do so here. I listened to it again this week and got chills all over again. Life is beautiful, y’all.

Wow, this was a big week. I feel tired, but happy. Things are flowing (so much abundance!!!) and I’m feeling so incredibly happy to be exactly where I am. After those years away, it feels amazing to be building community, spending time with my family, seeing my people, trying new things, making stuff and exploring new things. I’m incredibly grateful and asking: could every week be this wonderful? I think it could. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo.


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