Inspiration | December 4

Introversion 101, in comic form. (Painfully accurate!)

As we become Real Adults, let’s try to figure out how to be a great host for our friends & families.

Photographers shooting the same subject (banana, flower, egg) but always in an unique way. I loved the creativity that came out in this video.

Turns out, feeling happiness is partly about faking it until you (literally) make it. See how I personally practice gratitude here.

We are all going to need to take care of ourselves over the holidays: here are 30 wonderfully simple ways. I especially like the ones about going internet-lite and maintaining our morning routines.

I adore this: holiday gifts two ways, one way more focused on beautiful things, and one way focused on beautiful experiences. Such great ideas.

Give yourself the simple, lovely gifts that you really want. Here are some nice ideas.

I made this cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread this week and it was delicious.


It’s been a good week. I’ve been playing with getting up earlier, and taking advantage of the gorgeous fall-like weather here in Quito by sitting up on the roof to do my morning routines while drinking my coffee. I estimate that this change alone has increased my quality of life by a good 30%. I’ve also been taking daily walks and spending LESS TIME ON THE COMPUTER. I made a holiday season bucket list, shown above (I’ll share more on the blog soon), so we’ve been trying to do a fun new thing every day and it’s been awesome. This weekend: lots of yoga, a BBQ with my boyfriend’s family, and lots of downtime. Have a wonderful weekend! xo.

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