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Inspiration: December 12 >> Life In Limbo

I am always very inspired by creative Austin Kleon. This week it was his (older) posts on keeping a logbook and getting a calendar to stay motivated. I reappropriated the logbook idea and am now keeping a tiny daily gratitude journal which I love. Also, his post about how all questions can be boiled down to just two is brilliant.

This holiday season let’s practice JOMO, not FOMO. “It is about giving yourself the space to think and experience things without freaking out about what you ‘should’ be doing instead. You’re enjoying what you’re doing in the here and now and not on social media broadcasting or seeing what everybody else is doing.” Yes!

This week I had more than one battle with future-tripping, or worrying about things that haven’t happened yet (and may never happen!). Things that helped a lot: this video from Marie Forleo and this article from Jess Lively.

Last week I decided I might move to Spain next year (my plans shift all the time) which spurred a re-opening of my Spanish programs! I use Duolingo and I’m taking this course on Memrise which I like a lot.

I re-read Steven Pressfield’s amazing book The War of Art for the third? fourth? time this week because I needed to hear it. It never ceases to both comfort and inspire me. I really believe everyone could benefit from reading these ideas about creativity and resistance.

Some ideas for my Southeast Asia Bucket List!

I loved this perspective on travel. “If you want to travel in a way that is good and fast, then it won’t be cheap. If you want it cheap and fast, then it won’t be good. Or you can have it good and cheap, but you sacrifice speed.”

A few great ideas for simplifying your life.


It’s the weekend! And life is very, very good. I’m looking forward to so many things: Christmas, my vacation in the Philippines, my travels after my contract is finished, my yoga teacher training. I feel really blessed. What are you thankful for today? I hope you have a truly excellent and inspiring weekend.

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