Inspiration: August 9

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Inspiration: August 9 >> Life In Limbo

Very cute idea: a resource of advice people wish they could give themselves at different ages. You pick what age you are now, and read other people’s thoughts. So reassuring!

I liked this guide, 50 Ways to Find More Joy Every Day from Aesthetics of Joy. (If you don’t want to put in your email you can access it here).

This short podcast episode was such a nice reframe and made me feel so much better about my habits instead of worse, which is how I usually feel. Celebrate what you’re already doing right!

My all-time favourite advice is from Maya Angelou and Oprah: “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” I really enjoyed this deep dive into the concept on Super Soul Sunday.

I don’t know whether I’d actually follow through and use this app, but I am in love with the concept: writing notes & summaries for the books you read. I guess I could hack this on Goodreads, but this app looks so shiny!

I loved this essay about why caring for your home is a form of self-care. “If you’re feeling triggered by what you don’t have as it relates to material things, it probably means it is time go inward and explore what you may need emotionally or physically at home to feel more at peace.”

I don’t have currently have a romantic partner, but am obsessed with this card deck app from the Gottman Institute and plan to use it in my friendships too!

This week’s blog posts: You Can Start Again, Newton’s First Law, Little Wins, and You Are What You Eat. And over on my business blog: How to Manage Work During Stressful Times.

Feels good to be back to the blog! It was necessary to take a break, but it’s also necessary to make time for it again now. Writing down my thoughts keeps me grounded and present, and writing this recap post every week helps center me. It’s nice to have touchstones when everything else feels overwhelming. This weekend I’m working on something juicy with Make Lemonade, have a family get-together, and plan to spend the rest of my time resting and recuperating. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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