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Today I don’t really want to do any of my routines. I have a headache, I had nightmares last night, I’m exhausted. While I was brushing my teeth, the mere idea of doing my ten minutes of meditation, let alone all my other super seven daily habits, was enough to make me want to go back to bed. It felt like too much! I’m too tired! Do I have to do these habits for the rest of my life? Seriously?

But then I found myself just going through the motions. I was on my couch, I was writing my daily log, I was meditating, and now I’m here at my computer typing these words. I guess it’s a good thing that by this point in my life, my body knows what it’s supposed to do next. It follows suit. It takes me from Point A to Point B without much conscious effort or help from me.

It’s a good reminder, too, that the resistance is loudest before I’m actually doing the work. While I’m in it – at the desk, on the couch, typing away – it no longer seems so hard or exhausting. It just seems like I should do the next logical step, and then the next one, and the next one.

I still have a headache and am shaking off my nightmares, so I’m not totally sure what the lesson is here. Our goal as creators is to not break the chain, to not give in to our most human tendencies to give up. Today I’m realizing that all I have to do is put my butt in the chair. Force myself to start going through the motions. Sooner or later, I’ll realize that it’s much easier to just do the thing rather than just sit there. 

I’m also reminded that by going through the motions, I’ll start to feel the benefits of the good habits I’m practicing. When I go outside for a walk, I feel the benefits and beauty of nature. When I write a reflection, I feel more grounded and present. Good habits usually have some kind of reinforcement loop – there’s a pride in accomplishing them, or a release of happy chemicals, or more sunshine on your face afterwards.

To end: I am very glad I went through the motions today. Today’s a better day for it.

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