Inspiration: August 5

Inspiration August 5 >> Life In Limbo

I think this is such an interesting and freeing perspective to take when it comes to clothes. It inspired me to want to do the same.

I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard of Glennon prior to a post by Elizabeth Gilbert earlier this week, but I was blown away by her clear, honest writing on such a sensitive topic. I can’t wait to explore her site more and check out her books.

Speaking of Elizabeth Gilbert and clear, honest writing…this rings so, so true for me right now.

Joy the Baker is a Real Adult and her guest room is off-the-charts cool. #GuestRoomGoals

Better late than never to the Hamilton party, so I foresee myself needing this website a lot in the coming weeks (months).

I was so happy when I saw this announcement about a big new park coming to Toronto! It’s such a smart idea for making use of wasted space – I can’t wait to see this put into action.

I thoroughly enjoyed Elise’s 100 Days of Pep Talks project – it was always thoughtful and definitely inspiring. I decided to show my support (and get a little souvenir!) by preordering the book she’s putting out as a result of the project.

I’m back home again after an amazing, whirlwind couple of weeks in New York and Vermont. This was my third trip to NYC and it was the best yet, hands down. I can’t get enough of the energy of the city, and all its layers, and all the different kinds of food and people that co-exist there. It was such a wonderful trip and I am already looking at plane tickets to go back.

This weekend I plan to take it easy: get back into reading real books from the library, try to stay off the computer as much as possible, dream big, and do something creative. I’ve been in a “consuming” rut, and I’m ready for the next “creating” stage. I keep wanting to write and post in this space, but I’m never quite sure what to write. If anyone’s still here: thank you! If not, that’s okay. I love having a little place to download my brain and share some light. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!