Inspiration: August 24

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Inspiration: August 24 >> Life In Limbo

How to be a better bystander.

Real wealth is not having to work with assholes.

A super-comprehensive and helpful guide to inclusive language in any industry. Hat tip to Laura for sharing this with me!

Reminder that you don’t owe anyone an interaction.

I absolutely adored this Ask Polly column: “I like myself, but I hate being single.” So powerful, so relatable, such great advice. Thanks for sharing, Sonja!

I enjoyed revisiting this oldie but goodie blog post: 7 questions I ask as a minimalist business owner. 

Such a lovely newsletter sharing some thoughts on making time for fun again.

My team at With/out Pretend launched The Vault last week, our new online magazine. I am so incredibly proud of this project and so inspired by the stories inside. Go check it out and we’d love you forever if you became a member!

Hey all my personality test/astrology-loving people! I have been getting into the woo world of Human Design lately. You can get your chart here, and learn more about the framework here or here.

Sarah has been doing a #nogrocery challenge on Instagram and it’s been so fun & inspiring to see what she makes with whatever’s in her fridge!

I bought two adorable pairs of earrings from my friend Bri’s jewelry company Keona last weekend at Riverfest and am loving them.

I’m back from summer blog vacation! It feels good to be sharing here again after a few very restful weeks off. I was in New York, then Montreal, then dealing with some personal issues, then having a boudoir photoshoot (!!), and now I am back and feeling great. It’s beautiful weather here in Toronto, I am finally back into a work rhythm, and I have been enjoying spending more time with my family lately. I hope you’ve been having a wonderful summer too! xo.

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