Inspiration | August 23

I read a lot of articles on C’est Christine this week and they were inspiring as usual. This one in particular has a lot of great life advice.

I may have shared this before but I don’t mind sharing it again: the beauty and simplicity of The Moral Bucket List.

I always want more tips on how to find cheaper airfare!

A seriously inspiring blog about living with less waste. I read the entire thing in one night and wanted to buy all the non-disposable containers! Related was this podcast episode, also amazingly inspiring.

A wonderful little film about what’s really important in life. “I try to collect moments”.

This week I committed to the habit of flossing daily. I loved this article on how to be a better flosser and the tip to tie the ends of your string of floss together so that you don’t have to wrap it so tightly around your fingers – game changer!

More than halfway through my 2015 reading challenge, only one book behind schedule! Any book recommendations for me?


Life lately has been a lot of family time, which I’m thrilled about. It’s so wonderful to be back around my sisters and my parents and to do little everyday things with them like buy groceries or get ready for a dinner out together. My days have been very quiet and slow, a lot of reading and thinking and not a lot of leaving the (paradise) house. I’m gearing myself up though: a few more days of relaxing, then I’m spending a weekend in Toronto, then a weekend in New York to visit friends, then my boyfriend arrives (!) for a few weeks of fun. It’s going to be hectic but it will be so wonderful too. I’m just trying to remember to stay present and mindful every step of the way.

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