Inspiration | August 14


I absolutely adored this deeper, more meaningful answer to the question “how are you able to have it all??”

Sweet stories and helpful perspectives from various people about how they knew their partner was The One.

A great, helpful article about choosing a college major and more broadly, deciding what to do with your life.

I read Junot Díaz’s This Is How You Lose Her this week and loved it. For a taste, read this excerpted story from the book.

A wonderful, thought-provoking episode of Dear Sugar about introversion and extroversion with lots of helpful reminders about the difference.

In related news, I took this introversion/extroversion quiz and it put me at 32/100 for sociability (it’s not wrong..).

A podcast episode that I seriously needed to hear this week all about changing negative thought patterns. I had some amazing a-ha moments with this one.

This week I roasted tomatoes and garlic with the method listed here (maybe 10 minutes longer of cook time) and blended them into the best sauce ever.

This is my current favourite song – plus the singer is signed to a label a friend of mine works at, which is awesome.

Inspired by Jess Lively’s Throw Out 100 Things challenges, and motivated to cultivate my possessions carefully.


This week has been lovely. It featured a long hike in the woods on a beautiful day, a couple campfires in the backyard, stargazing, reading great books, spending time with family and sunshine. This time at home has been exactly what I was hoping for and I’m very grateful.

I hope you’re having beautiful summer days and enjoying all this lovely sunshine!

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