Inspiration: April 6

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Inspiration April 6 >> Life In Limbo

“It’s easy to come to the conclusion that someone’s generous or inspired and so they do the work. But it’s more likely that doing the work makes you generous or inspired.” Thank you, Seth, for this important reminder.

It was really fun to spend part of my week helping to build With/out Pretend’s monthly newsletter, especially since we added a cool recommendations section this month.

So fun to see people starting to post about their 100 Day Projects! I really am digging Elise’s craft adventures, Elle Luna’s daily animations, and Caroline’s tiny truths.

In case you missed it, I posted earlier this week about my decision *not* to do the 100 Day Project and why sometimes I need to think smaller, not bigger.

I added this delicious curried tofu recipe to my arsenal of easy recipes this week!

As I start to get my own podcast ready for launch, I was super inspired (and sort of intimidated!) by this beautiful new show, Dear Seekers. Gorgeous photos & features of interesting women.

I really liked the first episode of Change Agent, a new NYTimes podcast from the author of The Power of Habit. It explores how we can solve problems using seemingly unrelated strategies.

This week has felt hectic to say the least! In addition to a pretty packed work schedule, I also recorded the first episode of my new podcast (!!) which took forever, but was so satisfying. I’m looking forward to a relaxing and love-filled weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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