Inspiration | April 25

?? ??I recently discovered this beautiful blog Be The Change and I’ve already spent far too long scrolling through the gorgeous photos and lovely calligraphy and quotes.

I admit that I nosily wanted to know the reason why Joy moved to New Orleans, but I realized that it was personal and obviously none of my business. But when she did choose to share this week, I loved every word and felt I could relate so much: “I moved from California to New Orleans because I wanted to. I wanted a change in place, a jolt of inspiration, more crawfish on my plate, adventure. I wanted to feel out of my element and get to know a new place. New Orleans, with its little bit of magic, seems like the place my heart wants to be.” I also thoroughly appreciated her words on the JTB podcast this week about moving to a new place and how it’s not always great and she’s not always happy. I want to thank her so much for telling the truth and reassuring us all that we don’t always have to pretend that hard things are easy to keep up appearances.

I’m making my own version of these washi tape frames to decorate my sparse little apartment. I’m excited to share the results soon!

My sister strikes again with the catchy, lovely music. She should consider an alternative career in curating good music (she introduced me to “Call Me Maybe” about 2 months before it went viral). I totally creeped this one from a post she made on another friend’s wall (haha), but she should probably just start writing a weekly newsletter. ;)

I found this article so real and so inspiring. I’m still so young and I have so few responsibilities, but I too get caught up in overwhelm and I forget to be present, all the time. I’m glad I’m reading this article now and not when I’m 85. “I found it’s better for me to ask myself: Am I trying my best? Am I doing things for the right reasons? Do I make those I love feel loved? Am I happy? And then adjust as I go.” Conscious, intentional living. It’s hard, but it’s the move.

Another article I’m so glad I’m reading at 23: 10 Life Lessons to Excel in Your Thirties. Regardless of what age you are, it’s excellent advice.

How good does this pizza look??? Spring veggie pizza with caramelized onion cream. And it’s vegan.

I absolutely love this advice about attracting more serendipity. A thousand times yes.

I really want to quote this entire article about personal branding. I love Tara’s perspective – her view is that your personality is really the most important thing.

People don’t need brands. We already have brands. Your brand is your personality. We lead ourselves into a weird, objectifying split from self when we try to create or deliberately present a brand. Instead, approach it from the inside out. Work at being the most expressed, consistent, unapologetic version of your authentic self. Work at letting the real you come through. Work at having the courage to say what you actually have to say.

So the questions to ask yourself are: What style feels most like mine and how can I let it come through more? How can I put my strengths at the center of my work more and make sure those strengths impact others? How can I more fully bring forth my quirks, my hidden sides, or my authentic personality? How can I get braver about being me?

Two new-to-me Instagram accounts I fell in love with this week: @emolabs – he posts hand written poems in front of beautiful backgrounds, and @katiemitchellphotography – she posts absolutely gorgeous photos of Paris.

Some oldies-but-goodies: read these books by Sarah Addison Allen (one year ago today), Momofuku compost cookies!


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This weekend I’m hoping for a trip to Costco, beers on the beach, and a relaxing afternoon at Spaland. I hope you have an amazing weekend too.

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