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Inspiration April 22 >> Life In Limbo

It truly makes me emotional to see that this single campaign has raised over $100,000 for earthquake relief in 5 days. If you have it in your budget and in your heart, please consider donating to the beautiful country of Ecuador, which is struggling very much this week.

I loved this article on ways to keep creativity alive and part of your daily life.

This week I did a lot of pondering about how to slowly start to #buylessbutbetter, and I really appreciated this post listing 30 ethical brands.

Hard to emphasize how much we all need a guide to not being frustrated all the time.

A great reminder to not get stuck into your ways – try new things!

We watched Smashed on the weekend and I like it the more I think about it. I was a bit uncomfortable while watching, but it’s also beautiful and real.

I loved this episode of MarieTV, especially the quote “only say yes to the things that you’re willing to do joyfully” and the idea of giving to give.

Chris Guillebeau has a new book (yay!) about finding the work you were born to do and I really liked the quiz on the website.

It’s been a tough week around here emotionally. Ecuador suffered a huge earthquake on Saturday night and the country has been reeling since – and will be for a long time to come. I feel unbelievably lucky that I am safe, and everyone I know in Ecuador is safe, but that is not the case for so many families. Quito did feel the earthquake, and it was pretty scary, but the city had little to no damage. It was pretty jarring to go from seeing the images on the news to walking around in a city operating more-or-less as per usual. Hard not to feel incredibly blessed after that kind of experience.

One thing that’s been beautiful has been how the country has come together in the aftermath – I’ve truly never seen anything like it. The grocery stores were almost emptied with people buying supplies to send to the coast, there are donation points all over the city, the hospitals don’t need blood donations except from two rare types because they’ve received so many donations…it’s just a wonderful thing to behold amidst so much chaos and pain. Again, please consider donating to this beautiful country if you can.

This weekend, we’ll be hosting a for-donation yoga in the park class, and I have a book club meeting which I haven’t read the book for but am looking forward to just the same.

I hope you have a beautiful, peaceful weekend too.

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