The 26 List

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Every year around my birthday, I like to make myself a fun list – things I’d like to do or try before my next birthday. These are usually experiences I think I would be nice, or skills I’d like to learn, but not necessarily goals that need to be measured. I’ve never finished everything on my lists, but just having the list keeps me inspired and focused and gives me things to think about when I’m not sure what to tackle next. When I was 24, I checked off about 17/25 things, which is a ratio I’m pretty happy with.

This year, I took many of these list items off of a larger list I have, my list of 100 dreams that I came up with in February. The list of 100 dreams is an exercise I borrowed from Laura Vanderkam and I think it’s such a fun thing to do.

  1. Learn how to do beautiful handlettering
  2. Sew a quilt
  3. Knit another big beautiful blanket
  4. Throw a dinner or brunch party
  5. Take 26 courses or workshops
  6. Go to Shakespeare in the Park
  7. Make photobooks
  8. Take photobooth photos (anytime I see a booth)
  9. Go rockclimbing
  10. Go to a book signing of a favourite author
  11. Start another helpful podcast
  12. Save an emergency fund
  13. Celebrate small holidays
  14. Make seasonal videos
  15. Take an aerial yoga class
  16. Live somewhere with a balcony
  17. Travel to see friends in Vancouver + NYC
  18. Go on a yoga or meditation retreat
  19. Create a weekly mastermind coffee date
  20. Go to a musical or a play
  21. Invest in good pieces of clothing
  22. Grow a little garden
  23. Make 12 DIY projects
  24. Collect quotes
  25. Take dance classes
  26. Start a new business

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