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Inspiration April 14 >> Life In Limbo

We should all be always trying to be better people just as much as we’re trying to be “successful”. Beautiful and insightful piece.

I super loved this article about why all calories are not created equal.

The Get to Work Book is finally here and it’s so gorgeous! And looks so helpful! Total win.

The case for leaning out instead of into your career. I just read Amy Poehler’s book and particularly liked the essay they quote in this article.

This satire about getting together with friends over text is too real and I hate it. I cringe now anytime my messages start to look even remotely like this.

I love that some grocery stores in Canada are going to start selling ugly produce for cheaper prices.

We are going to the Elephant Nature Park tomorrow and are so excited!


Right now I’m sitting in a bunk bed in Chiang Mai after a big day of CRAZY water fighting and an hour-long massage and my sister is napping in the bunk under me! It’s funny how quickly things can seem totally normal but I want to keep appreciating how incredible it is that the timing worked out and the planning lined up and now I have her here with me along with two great friends. Life is wonderful. We are going to be in Chiang Mai for another few days before going up to Pai, then will make our way back down to Bangkok and eventually to one of the islands! Stay tuned for more photos and posts here on the blog once I have a spare minute to sit down and write. In the meantime, I’m doing okay at posting photos to my Instagram feed so feel free to follow me there @lifeinlimboblog. I hope you’re having a wonderful week!! xo

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