It is so good to be home. There’s something magic about this place, that no matter how hard I try I’m not able to replicate in my little apartment in Montreal. Maybe it’s the kittycats running around, or maybe it’s the all the twinkly lights everywhere, or all the edible goodies. But I think mainly it’s just getting to be a part of my funny and silly and opinionated family. We have fun, and we bicker, and we laugh and there’s nothing like being with them. I’m not home often enough anymore, but every time I am it feels special.

I’ve been spending my post-exam days eating, catching up with friends, taking photos (I’m always inspired by the life in this house), updating the blog little by little (and loving every small change so far), and running errands. I can’t wait for when gifts are all figured out and I can spend a few days just relaxing and reading.

Hope you’re home with your loved ones and having a magical time. xoxo.

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