_DSC0168Time flew this year. It’s hard to quantify all the beauty, and joy, and growth and love that 2012 had to offer. In truth, not much happened, in the traditional sense. But a lot of little things happened, and they all added up to be important.

I read sixty books, some of them life-changing.
I broke off a relationship that was draining me and I was happily surprised to find that my life totally blossomed.
I practiced my photography every day, and it improved.
I started running again. I managed to run 8K and do my first race.
I learned how to waitress.
I learned how to knit and sew.
I sobbed my heart out a few times, for many different reasons.
I started to figure out how to give myself what I need. Huge epiphany!
I drank a lot of smoothies with spinach in them.
I spent a lot of time alone.
I let myself be creative.
I happily improved some great friendships.
I got excited daydreaming about the future.
I cooked + baked a lot of really delicious things.
I loved 2012.















I’m so excited for 2013!

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