035: Creating New Habits

The Life In Limbo podcast is about building a life you love on the foundation of what’s most important to you. Each week I chat with an interesting person or share my own ideas in order to explore about how we can stay connected to our personal values, measure what matters most to us, listen to our own voices, and create a life we enjoy. Subscribe on iTunes here or see all episodes here.

This week on the show I’m going into a bit more detail about the new daily habit that I am trying to form! I’m discussing the “why” for the new habit, how I’m motivating myself to work towards it, and how I’m setting up structures to help myself be “successful” with my habit on a daily basis. So far it’s been going well, and I think it’s because I’m using certain strategies that I know will work well for me. Tune in to hear more about some ways to set yourself up for success with any new habits that you’re trying to create in your life.


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