Food For Thought: Miss Representation

I’ve been wanting to post the link to this film for a while, ever since I saw it online on Documentary Heaven a few weeks ago. Miss Representation is an exploration of the media’s portrayal of gender, and it features interviews with many interesting people who believe this is an important topic. Like my last “food for thought” post, I really wish this movie could be “required watching”. It’s eye-opening, interesting, and really makes you reconsider your perspective. I know that I’ve definitely developed more critical consumption habits when I read magazines or see movies.

You can watch it online here. If you don’t have time to watch it all, I highly recommend you watch the trailer. It’s interesting in and of itself.

On a related note, an article was recently published by one of my school’s papers, and I think that it, too, is extremely important. We tend to think that we’ve come so far, we’ve moved past most of the “feminist issues”, achieved a lot in terms of equality. Oftentimes, it might be hard to put your finger on exactly what still remains to be fixed in terms of gender issues. Well, I think this article is a pretty accurate depiction of the kinds of sexism we unfortunately still face. I encourage you to give it a read, and see if it opens your eyes to any inequality you see going on around you in your life – it might be closer than you think.

And on that note – hope this gives you some food for thought! Stay safe this weekend and have a great time. xo.

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