Project 365: Weeks 39 + 40

I still love the idea of this project. Truly, I do. By using my camera every single day, I know I’ve improved. I know more about how my camera works, I can experiment with settings, etc. I’m nowhere near an expert, but I have improved.

But it does get tiresome, taking a photo every single day! If only because it forces me to find something to photograph on a day that seems otherwise fairly mundane. I suppose that’s a good thing! Still, a good number of these photos end up being inside my apartment, posed on my dining room table. As you can see, I have mixed feelings about this project. I think next year I’ll prefer to just take photos whenever inspiration strikes (as much as possible) and not have a daily “must”.

Happy Friday!

Project 365: Weeks 37 + 38

Some of these photos I love, some of them I don’t love. I’m trying hard to practice my photography because I have had it up to here with not being able to take a picture that looks the way I want it to! It’s such a long process though. I am really happy to have done Project 365 because it forces me to practice every day. I like that! And I like having documentation of every day this year.

These past few weeks have gone by in a huge blur. My photos will attest that I spent a lot of time indoors, reading (as I will for the rest of the winter, most likely), but had a few adventures too. I hope that’s how my winter goes as well.

I’m happy because I only have a few days left before I head home for the Thanksgiving long weekend. Hooray! :) Happy Friday everyone.

Project 365: Week 35 + 36

The last few weeks have been so full, it seems like ages since I took these photos. Funny, how rapidly time seems to fly when you get busy. I can’t believe we’re September 22 already! These pictures reflect how I feel my life has been: a couple adventures mixed with a lot of homebody-ing. I’m getting ready for winter, I suppose! Anyway, looking at some of these photos instantly takes me back to the day I took them, and I love that. That’s my favourite part of doing this project – more memories!

Happy Saturday.

Project 365: Week 34

A really wonderful week. I spent the majority of it surrounded by pink polka-dotted fabric, hunched over a sewing machine. The result is my new favourite dress! I’ll be sharing it on the blog next week. I had a lot of frustration and a lot of hours devoted to doing it properly, but I am so happy with the final product! And I learned a ton about sewing, which was the goal.

In other news, I spent time with family and hung out in the park. I also worked a lot, but then I had a vacation! All in all, it was a great week. I love these photos.

Happy weekend!