Project 365: Weeks 37 + 38

Some of these photos I love, some of them I don’t love. I’m trying hard to practice my photography because I have had it up to here with not being able to take a picture that looks the way I want it to! It’s such a long process though. I am really happy to have done Project 365 because it forces me to practice every day. I like that! And I like having documentation of every day this year.

These past few weeks have gone by in a huge blur. My photos will attest that I spent a lot of time indoors, reading (as I will for the rest of the winter, most likely), but had a few adventures too. I hope that’s how my winter goes as well.

I’m happy because I only have a few days left before I head home for the Thanksgiving long weekend. Hooray! :) Happy Friday everyone.

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