Project 365: Weeks 39 + 40

I still love the idea of this project. Truly, I do. By using my camera every single day, I know I’ve improved. I know more about how my camera works, I can experiment with settings, etc. I’m nowhere near an expert, but I have improved.

But it does get tiresome, taking a photo every single day! If only because it forces me to find something to photograph on a day that seems otherwise fairly mundane. I suppose that’s a good thing! Still, a good number of these photos end up being inside my apartment, posed on my dining room table. As you can see, I have mixed feelings about this project. I think next year I’ll prefer to just take photos whenever inspiration strikes (as much as possible) and not have a daily “must”.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Project 365: Weeks 39 + 40”

  1. Stephie, I just wanted to write you a quick message to let you know that I prefer this layout of your blog than the old one. The photos are bigger, and I think that looks good. You can appreciate them more as “Art”. Hmm while I am at it, what else was it that I needed to tell you? Oh yes, I love your painting. It got me thinking about painting a picture for my own place. I am in the works of finding a beautiful little one bedroom that I can make my home. It just isn’t the same with roommates! I really love that you find ideas and inspiration (maybe from pinterest – it’s great for that) and then you actually follow them through. Recently I have been very inspired but getting caught up with not actually acting on anything. My boyfriend even (kindly :P…kidding, not so much) pointed it out to me the other day. He’s not a fan of that, and well to be honest, neither am I. I told him (trying to be cute) that I had already thought of good excuses why I hadn’t started yet. Mostly that I had not yet moved into my new place yet and I don’t feel like where I am staying at feels like a “home” that I can take care of and make my own. He said something about how it’s like we can get caught up looking at new delicious recipes on pinterest, and then in our mind – make the meal, and in our mind – eat the meal, and in our mind have an opinion on it and somehow (ridiculously) feel like we already did it. But we didn’t. Well, I didn’t. I am going to change that though, because I really do love making little things beautiful and taking pleasure from simple things. Do you live by yourself? How do you like it?

    Ok, bye! Kiss!

    1. Hi Malavika! Nice to hear from you! Hope things are good with you, and that you’re not too busy.

      I like having the photos larger too, and I like that it seems a bit less crowded. I’m glad you like it too!

      It’s exciting you’re looking for your own place – I love living alone, and like you say it’s definitely not the same with roommates! I do get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and other blogs, but you’d be surprised how many ideas I collect that I have yet to follow through with – it can be hard to find the time! For example, I recently started a really pretty scarf, but it was a complicated pattern and I kept messing up and I didn’t have time to do it properly! So I’m on a self-imposed DIY hiatus, so I understand you not having time to follow through as you say! What your boyfriend said makes some kind of sense, strangely..I think sometimes that’s true that we can look at something and almost experience it – but it’s never the same as the real thing!!

      Good luck finding a place! I know you’ll love it.


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