3 Good Things For Today

Just a few quick notes tonight:

1. It’s Match Day on Pencils of Promise today! PoP is a charity dedicated to building schools and improving education worldwide. I read the founder’s biography earlier this year and I really admire his worldview and the work they’re doing. For today only, the organization Common Bond is matching all donations up to $25,000 so you can double your impact.

2. If you haven’t seen it yet, Emma Watson’s speech at the UN was absolutely brilliant. The campaign He For She looks great and it’s exactly the kind of breath of fresh air the “movement” needs right now. I am inspired by how much progressive, awesome work is being done lately regarding women’s rights, men’s rights, human rights!

3. Kiva continues to be awesome! I recently got paid back $20 of my loans and reinvested tonight in a toilet business run by a woman in Kenya. I was inspired by my conversation with my mom about moving to the country and dealing with the trials and tribulations of a septic tank. It reminded me just how much I take running water, flushing toilets and sanitation for granted. If you aren’t familiar with Kiva, their awesome new video above will explain. I’ve decided I want to eventually loan to all 78 countries that Kiva supports.

And that’s all for today! If you’re curious, you can see all the causes I’ve supported so far this year right here. It’s a personal goal that’s been incredibly rewarding for me. Have an awesome and inspiring day.

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