BBQ Shrimp Flatbread Pizza

I am a blog person. Not just because I have a blog, but because I am *obsessed* with blogs. I love them. I talk about the people who write certain blogs almost as though I know them (thankfully, I have very understanding friends), and I never cease to be inspired in different ways by the online content I consume. I would venture so far as to say that blogs (and the internet, by extension) have taught me many of the life lessons of my adult life, and helped improve my quality of life tenfold.

Case in point: this pizza. Holy. Moly. Guacamole. Well, let’s put it this way: in all the years of knowing my BFF, and all the food I’ve ever fed her (cookies, cakes, savouries), this is the very first recipe that she loved so much she bought all the ingredients for herself and made it at her own house. So far, I’ve made and eaten this pizza/flatbread/pile of awesome on 4 separate occasions. Hmm.

I blame (and also thoroughly thank) Jessica from How Sweet Eats. That woman is the very best kind of crazy. She comes up with recipes I never ever would have imagined…ever. Today, for example, there is a new recipe for hot blueberry cheddar dip. (What?) But I have pinned a huge number of her recipes, because she’s just amazing. Go to her blog, scroll those archives, have happy food dreams.

And make this pizza. It’s so easy. It’s so good. It’s a crowd-pleaser. And, happily, it’s based around the vegetables and cheeses that I tend to have hanging out in my fridge! Win/win/win.

Disclaimer: there is a “flatbread” dough to make, but do not let those words intimidate you. I promise you will be in awe of how easy it is. Each time I make it, the aforementioned BFF goes “wait, that’s it?”. And I nod sagely. With flour on my face, undoubtedly.

Here is the recipe! Sally forth and tally ho and make this, hop to! You will not regret your decision. 

Ps. Don’t forget handfuls of cilantro and big squeezes of lime. That stuff is make-or-break, savvy? xo.

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