Soft Drinks and Aisle Seats

Yes, I am one of those. One of those people you absolutely cannot stand. I talk loudly. I gasp. I exclaim! I use exclamation points in my speech. Sometimes I sing along to the songs they play. And I’m also the obnoxious one crawling over your legs with potentially the worst timing ever because I have to pee.

Yes. I am the Movie Monster. You hate me. I accept this. For future reference, I do actually try to tone it down and I have wonderful loving friends and a socially conscious boyfriend who attempt to quiet me. And in all seriousness I’m not THAT bad. Honest.

However, for those other self-unconfessed Movie Monsters, I have a brand-spankin’-new tool for us to use. It is called..drunmroll please…


Yes. That’s right. RunPee.Com. It appears to be a fantastic resource for Movie Monsters such as myself, to avoid all of those potentially awkward moments. You know the ones. Sitting in your seat uncomfortably, looking around frantically and sussing out the path of least resistance to the door, not paying attention to the screen as you attempt to determine if what that just passed was very important or just mildly important and the big important stuff is coming up as soon as you’re out of the theatre. Nobody wants to come back to their seat and have their best friend tell them they just missed the coolest part.

Cue RUNPEE.COM. Although a brand new and not so comprehensive, it does list all current movies in theatres. There is no search bar, but there is a function to view movies alphabetically, by release date, etc. When I clicked on two movies I had already seen (17Again and Star Trek), it gave me the exact time I should go RunPee, and then in a box below the timestamp, it has jibberish with a button that says ‘unscramble’. This is obviously for spoilers. If you don’t care (and you shouldn’t, because you don’t really know the characters names yet or what the little tidbit is talking about so it would be okay to see the spoiler…) and although I could not really remember the exact moment of the movie the site is talking about, I guess the tool is more for people who HAVEN’T seen the movie yet rather than people who have.

All in all, I will definitely be using this tool in future. It is a hilariously useful and ingenious miss the dull parts, get to relieve yourself, and get back right before the big fight (or sex) scene.


Love, S.

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