Tomeme a las peliculas..

In case I haven’t previously blogged about it, you should know I am a SUCKER for movie trailers.
They are better than the movies for me sometimes. Yes, some give away practically everything, but ALL are good and ALL suck me in. But I guess that’s their purpose, to make you want to watch the movie. Anyways there are several movies that I am mucho excited to see and I thought I’d share them.


What a sweet looking movie. You should definitely check out the trailer, linked above. I don’t want to give it away but it seems like it has beautiful photography, it’s a love story, and plus plus plus Hugh Dancy is ADORABLE. It looks like the kind of movie that will give me that happysad feeling that I love so much.


First Off: I LOVE RACHEL WEISZ. I love her. Adore. I absolutely adore her. My favourite movie of all time happens to be The Mummy..starring her. Therefore I am so excited to see her in this movie: she has a whole montage of hobbies that her character has to learn and she also had to learn them all. I like Mark Ruffalo, not love, and I like Adrien Brody. And that other girl looks fierce! Anyways it’s about these brothers that plan bank heists and for their last one ever they decide to dupe a very rich lady: Rachel. However, chaos ensues and Adrien and Rachel fall in love. Typical, but it looks beautiful. And funny. And filmed in some amazing locations. Check out the trailer here.


I also adore Johnny Depp. I think that he is a phenomenal actor, and that his movies rock in general. This one doesn’t look like any exception. 1930’s style, amazing costumes/set/everything. Check out the trailer by clicking above. Looks fantastic!

And..this one shouldn’t even be counted really, but it counts.


I am so excited for the Harry Potter movies, always. No exceptions, nothing. There are those who love the movies and hate the books. There are those that love the books and hate the movies. There are those who hate both (although they should probably be committed). I am none of these. I love both. Duh. The movies are amazing and I have no idea what anyone is talking about when they say they don’t like them. BAH HUMBUG TO YOU TOO.

Love, s.

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