Project 365: Week 16

This week’s photos are a bit of a mishmash. There are also a number of repeats between this post and my recent around here post. This is mainly because I’ve been spending the majority of my waking hours sitting at a desk, and inspiration has been slightly scarce. I’ve been trying my best to capture moments, but that can definitely be a challenge when you’re studying for exams. I am trying not to be too perfectionistic about it. It’s also an issue that my apartment doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, because photos lit naturally look so much nicer than those I take at night. Oh well – summer is coming soon, and I’ll have as much natural sunlight as I can handle, hopefully!

I have two exams Monday, then I’m done for the semester! (Of course, my summer school class starts the next morning but I’m pretending to be blissfully ignorant of that fact). I’m not sure whether you’re still in school or if your exams don’t start for a few weeks, but either way: good luck! Stay calm. Sleep well. xo

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