Photo Walk: Farmer’s Market

I love the fact that even though I live in a big, very urban city, you can still find pockets of freshness and nature everywhere. One of my favourite summertime destinations is the Jean Talon farmer’s market – for me, only a metro ride away. I never fail to be inspired by all the beautiful produce, because it’s so totally gorgeous, is it not?! Most of the time I’m too busy lugging around a big bag of something (potatoes, onions, perhaps a tomato plant) to be able to capture my favourite market sights on camera. The last time I went, though, I wasn’t planning on buying much (although a gelato, a wedge of cheese and a decorative garlic braid came home with me), so I just followed my friends around, taking photos as I went. I’m really happy with how some of them turned out, but I guess I’ll just let the fresh produce speak for itself!

All these photos were taken around 11:30PM in early September. Enjoy!

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