Photo Walk: Apartment Details

Lately, I’ve been inspired to continue adding homey touches to the space I call home. I spend a lot of time in my little apartment, and though the walls are starkly white (yellow in the kitchen), I think it’s important to make this space feel like a reflection of me.

Clearly, as these photos show, I adore bright colours and funky patterns. I’ve always been this way, ever since I decorated my childhood bedroom lime green with a curvy orange stripe. In high school, I plastered one wall with paper flotsam and jetsam: magazine cutouts, cards, photos, etc. It was perfect for me at the time, but I like to think I’ve matured (if only a little!). Now, I have one gallery wall that is slowly growing – it houses the same type of stuff, but framed and arranged a little more neatly. Even though this space isn’t permanent, it is my home for at least a little longer, and I love how all the little details I’ve added help it to feel cozy.

My “gallery wall” (clockwise from left): my childhood dreamcatcher, a framed card from a close family friend, DIY poster art, my framed Ryan Gosling autograph (yep, I’m a nerd), a beautiful print my sister brought back from China, my own photo.
 1. Flower wall decals in my kitchen. 2. A spray-painted can that holds my pencils and pens. 3. A frame I found on the street, filled with postcards from a Riopelle exhibit and my own photos. 4. A succulent that has taken the place of my old plant in my DIY hanging container. 5. Happy Buddha that a friend brought me back from NYC. 6. Poster from the 2012 Montreal International Jazz Festival. 7. A carved turtle that was my Grandfather’s, collected shells and stones from Mexico, and a carved wood figure of lovers. 8. Mason jar filled with lavender. 9. A butterfly ornament and terracotta “peace” letters. 10. The feathers from my dreamcatcher. 11. My favourite candles on a vintage cake stand. 12. Paper lantern from NYC Chinatown. 13. My own photo. 

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