Project 365: Weeks 28 + 29

Whoops, I completely forgot to do my Project 365 update last Friday! What with all that crazy cake baking, it totally slipped my mind. No matter, twice the fun this week.

My photos, as usual, are pretty food-centric. It’s strange to say, but on days when I stay inside all day, the food I create can be the most interesting subject around. But it’s summer, so I try to go outside as much as possible!

I’m more than halfway through this project, and I have to say I’m totally thrilled with it. I’ve kept with it, sometimes even taking a photo late at night when I get home, and I’ve never missed a day. I love that I can look back on some of the photos and know exactly what was going on in my life that day, while others surprise me! I love that I’ve gotten to know my camera better. I love that I’m satisfied with how *some* of my photos look, for the first time ever.

Thanks for reading. Also, this is my 100th post this year! Yippee!!

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